Assisting businesses and governments institutions train for success and achieving superior results

Helping organisations train for success

We collaborate with some of the world's most prestigious enterprises to develop and offer DevOps, QA, and Software Development courses and tests. Qualified specialists deliver our scalable training solutions in-person or online. Our courses are appropriate for professionals in various roles and stages of their careers, as well as recent graduates and educators. We will collaborate with you to identify skills gaps, understand your organization's goals, and build a learning plan that fits your schedules, budget, and procurement procedures.

Create your customised programme with us.

Step 1 – Consultation:

Work with us to identify skills gaps and learning goals for your organisation. Your consultation will be in English.

Step 2 – Design:

We'll create scalable, customised learning programmes with relevant, immersive training for your employees.

Step 3 – Delivery:

Our experienced trainers will deliver your course when you need it and how you need it (face-to-face, online or blended).

Step 4 – Evaluation:

We'll help you report on employee progress, training impact and return on investment (ROI), using our assessments  and reports.

Expect the finest - Our track record speaks for itself.

Your CEN IDEA team is always led by a Partner and works with you throughout the lifecycle of your project and beyond. We build a genuine affinity with our clients - we swiftly get an in-depth understanding of your organisation, then identify the difficulty and the suitable solution. Every day, we are active in achieving cost reductions, optimising processes, and optimising the supply chain, putting you on the path to long-term business growth.

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