Coaching solutions to suit you and your business and staff be adapted for success

Explore one-to-one or One-to-Many coaching and mentoring options, for any level of employee or private individual(s).

Fulfill your employees' or personal potential with individual coaching and mentoring focusing on personal growth with coaching guiding you all the way through to the finish line.


Genuine Reasons to Consider Executive Coaching at CEN IDEA

Working with seasoned expert who is current in the field?

Executive coaching can enable you have undivided attention of qualified tutor who is using most up-to-date tools and have had years of experiece working in the desired field of interest across the country.

Have tried learning IT all on your own and it's challenging?

You don't know what you don't know, which makes self-direction difficult. Motivation can be a challenge when you don't have anybody but yourself holding you accountable or modeling the behavior you need to succeed.

Have wasted lots of time and possibly years self learning?

Many people believe that self-learning saves money when compared to guided training; yet, in the long run, they lose valuable years of their lives chasing their tail.

Changing career direction? Why not try a new Pathway?

Sometimes a new start is all that is required for a variety of reasons, one of which is to pursue a career that will allow them to work from home and be closer to their families.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should join us at CEN IDEA executive coaching, where you will get access to instructors and work on live projects under the close supervision of a certified tutor.

Getting started with us?

Throughout our coaching programme, you or your employees can

  • Manage your Coaching and Mentoring Services with us
  • Book appointments, schedule and re-schedule meetings
  • Manage your Coaching or Mentoring expectations
  • Indepth and unlimited conversation with your coach around your key subjects
  • Track your goals and monitor progress at all times


Grow your team members OR Individual experience exponentially

We have worked with numerous individuals, small and large enterprises, and start-ups over the years to help them establish their vision, acquire clients, and exponentially improve their abilities and businesses. All of our packages are unique and fall under the following categories:

  • Categories of the Coaching
  • DevOps Engineering Coaching
  • QA Engineering Coaching
  • Software Development Coaching


The Taste of Pudding is in the eating

Why not schedule an appointment with an expert for additional guidance and advice on our executive coaching?

You can also join the CEN IDEA coaching platform today to meet like-minded individuals and gain immediate access to all recorded sessions, the slack channel, the website resources, the private GitHub & GitLab, the private Stack Overflow team, and much more!

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