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Group coaching programmes are cohort-based coaching in which numerous students join and have a guided experience through the same programme at the same time. Clients can work at their own pace and complete self-assessments to ensure they understand the content being taught. However, at its heart, group coaching is an online training with the extra benefit of support from you and other students.

Most students start with executive coaching services but quickly find that it is expensive. This is where group coaching comes into play. You can join group of students who are on the same journey to minimise cost and collaborate with other students and make friends whilst learning.


Genuine Reasons to Consider Group Coaching

Collaborating with like-minded individuals various live projects?

Group Coaching saves money and introduces you to the world of meeting new friends who are like-minded and eager to collaborate on various projects that can accelerate learning and development in one's chosen area of interest.

Have tried learning IT all on your own and it's challenging?

You don't know what you don't know, which makes self-direction difficult. Motivation can be a challenge when you don't have anybody but yourself holding you accountable or modeling the behavior you need to succeed.

Have wasted lots of time and possibly years self learning?

Many people believe that self-learning saves money when compared to guided training; yet, in the long run, they lose valuable years of their lives chasing their tail.

Changing career direction? Why not try a new Pathway?

Sometimes a new start is all that is required for a variety of reasons, one of which is to pursue a career that will allow them to work from home and be closer to their families.

We've all also heard that one-way resources like podcasts, articles, and online courses can be useful, but they're not targeted to you and your specific situation, and access to instructors is limited.

These are just a few of the numerous reasons why you should join us at CEN IDEA group coaching, where you can meet real people and make new friends, have access to instructors, collaborate on actual projects with individuals who share your interests, and speed up your learning and job search.

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